October 2023 Housing Needs Survey

Colerne Parish Council and Colerne Community Land Trust

This survey will help to identify local housing needs that are not being met by current provision, giving a more up-to-date picture than the Wiltshire Council survey of five years ago. It will be used to help guide planning and building strategy for the locality.

All over 16 years of age have a right to express their needs, so you can complete more than one survey form for your household.

1. Please tick one or more of the following

2. Does your household have a local connection to the Parish?

3. Please provide the ages of the people in your household by entering the total number of people in each age range

4. What type of accommodation are you looking for? Also please tick how many bedrooms required.

5. What sort of tenure are you looking for?

6. Do you have particular accommodation needs? (Tick all that apply)

7. Do you have special health-related needs? (Tick all that apply)

8. Please rank the following 1-5 in importance to you (1 = most important)

9. Which of the following would you be prepared to share in a small housing development? (Tick any)

10. Do you need secure outside storage for bicycles/mobility scooter

11. Do you need a charging point for an electric vehicle?

12. Would you be prepared to live in a mixed development consisting of owned and rented housing, where all land is owned by the CLT so that all properties remain long-term affordable?

If you have an urgent or emergency housing need, please contact the Wiltshire Council Housing Register via 0300 456 0106 or at https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/article/5269/Housing-Register

The Colerne Community Land and Asset Trust is a not-for-profit local initiative, responding to identified community housing needs. Data is being collected for the specific purpose of providing an anonymised housing needs report and will not be used for any other purpose. Data will be processed lawfully and fairly and kept in a secure manner